When we think of spa & wellness, most of us think of the classic Swedish massage. While deep tissue massage, Swedish massage and aromatherapy are popular choices, hot stone massage is emerging as an alternative and popular choice. You can choose hot stone massage as an independent service, or opt for a package for weekend spa in summer with the massage in inclusions. Here’s more on what you can expect.

The basics

Before we talk of the experience, let’s first understand the concept of hot stone massage, which basically involves using smooth, round heated stones. These stones are placed on different parts of the body, so as to warm up the muscles, following which the therapist will work on the massage points, so as to offer instant relief. There are many known advantages of this massage. Besides pain relief and boosting immunity, it also removes muscle tension and induces a deep sense of calm and relaxation. Keep in mind that this is a specialized message, and hence, you should only select a known and popular spa.

Knowing the experience

Hot stone massage requires some preparation on part of the therapist. He/she will first sanitize the stones and heat them in water. The stones used for the process are basalt that can retain heat really effectively. The first step in the actual massage may involve a back massage, following which heated stones will be placed on different parts of the body, and the therapist will remove stones that have gone cold with hotter ones. The pressure of the massage is typically not as intense as a deep tissue massage, but if you feel any discomfort, let the therapist know.

Things to know

Since there is considerable effort and more time required, hot stone massages can be a tad more expensive, and you can expect to pay at least $100 or more at the least. Note that spas only accommodate a few sessions per weekend and on each day, so you will need to book an appointment in advance. This may require you to be nude in front of the therapist, but you can choose to wear an underwear.

In conclusion

If you are in mood to try something new this weekend at the spa, this is easily the best thing you can consider. Nothing beats a hot stone massage with thermal experience, especially for extended relaxation. Check online now to find the best spas near you!

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