If you have a functioning garage for your car, then you might be opening and closing that door multiple times in a day. It will be opened to get the car out to take the kids to school and back. Then there is the trip to the supermarket or local shop and then maybe, back out in the evening time to visit friends. That’s a total of 8 times opening and closing and over a week and then a year, it certainly takes its toll on your garage door and any motor that might be installed. It is important, therefore, to make sure that the door is serviced on a regular basis.

There are specialist engineers who do a garage door service in Mansfield and the following are just some of the things that they will give attention to.

  1. If you have the popular ‘up and over’ garage door, then the springs on this door need attention if they are to perform correctly. If it becomes difficult to open and close, then the springs need to be greased and lubricated.
  1. If you still use the traditional key method to open your door, then this is prone to seizing due to the wet UK weather. If it’s difficult to turn the key, they will service it and replace if necessary.
  1. Modern garage doors have motorized opening and closing and this needs attention annually to keep it operating without any issues. Your remote control or sensor may need cleaning as well.

Keep your garage in good working order because when its raining, you want to be able to open and close it without any issues.






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