If your child has been a victim of bullying, then you need to consider a few factors to talk to them about it. You need to talk to them about why it took place from the “bullying kids” viewpoint. Also, keep in mind to not take anything personally. Even though they may feel like bullying was their own fault, they need to understand that bully do this because they have their own issues and insecurities. Here is what you can do to approach your kid when they are bullied at school etc. You can also take them to life coach for young adults in Denver, CO, if the situation goes out of hand.

Inferiority Complex

Another reason to why this is happening to them is that they emit a weak energy and bullies tend to feed on this vibe. Or that they are shy, insecure, awkward or have not done any self discovery.

The ideal way to steer clear from being bullied is to:

  1. Fight back

Many parents tend to avoid this topic and they just advise their child to ignore it. Know that this is simply not enough. You may need to enroll your child into a martial art class so as to make them learn to defend themselves. Not only they will put a stop to bullying, they will also gain a whole lot of confidence. Just ensure that they do learn any kind of fighting which they can comprehend well for defense only.

  1. Become confident

This can be accomplished by making them realize their talents and getting better at them. As a role of a parent, you need to help your child discover their real self so that it helps them emit a confident energy. Once the talents have been discovered and getting good at them has been on the move, the self confidence will get better as well because other kids will easily pick up on this vibe.

What’s your role as a parent?

As a parent, you need to be grounded, strong, and focused when helping your child address bullying. When you react from a fear based perspective, you can exacerbate things because they are facing their fear too and would take a lot of strength from your side. Your child needs to be made strong so that your strength can be used to support theirs.

You also need to be ready about it on a physical and emotional sense. If they are verbally abused then you need to be ready to handle their emotions. If they are physically assaulted, then know that may arrive home with scars and bruises. You need to stay grounded by all means and not react with anxiety or fear. Give them love and courage to make them feel better.

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