2018 is about to pass. There are always some people who are silently safeguarding us. There is always such a small thing that warms you and me. The fantastic photo collection of “The Best Doctor” makes us feel the breath of spring in the bitterly cold winter. Thank you all, the “white angels” in the world!

  1. During the peak of the flu period, a young father took his daughter who had high fever to see a doctor in tearing hurry. The pediatric nurse took the initiative to take the girl, and after the child fell asleep, she continued to work while holding the child with her left arm.
  2. The patient is unable to communicate normally in bed and has negative emotions. Ding Weidong, the retired branch secretary, talked to the patient with the whiteboard and finally let the elderly agree with the treatment.
  3. During the night shift, Cai Lin, a nurse in ICU had a fever of 38.5-degree Celsius. She did not want to trouble her colleagues to replace her position, since it was midnight. She continued to “fight” in the night shift with the ice stickers.
  4. “Where did mommy go? Why she isn’t home now? It’s 11:39 pm” Didn’t the mother want to be with her little daughter? As a doctor, she had to stay in the hospital.
  5. Mr. Leng Yan from the Department of Anesthesiology taught his students in No.4 operating rooms. In order to have better teaching effects, he got on his knees to instruct the surgeon the way of tracheal intubation.

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