When you can’t take your dog with you on holiday, then you need to make sure that your dog is going to be safe, fed, and protected while you are gone. Leaving your dog at a professional dog kennel is, hands down, the best way to ensure that your dog gets the treatment that it needs to feel safe and be healthy in your absence. Planning for your dog to go to a kennel can be stressful, but knowing what to expect and what you need to take with your dog will help you ensure that it has a great time and is taken care of.

Consider Their Medical Needs

Nobody wants to think that their dog will have a medical emergency when they are away from home, but every dog owner needs to prepare for any of the needs that their dog has. Packing all medication and providing clear written instructions for the staff at a dog kennel is key. This ensures that your dog not only gets any necessary daily medication that they need to be healthy, but also that the staff is aware of what to do if there were to be a medical emergency.

Make Sure They’re Comfortable

Dogs who have never before been boarded at dog kennels in Sydney are likely to struggle with separation anxiety. It’s always a good idea for owners to think about what belongings their dog can have with them that will make them feel safer and more comfortable when away from home. Some kennels accept blankets, beds or pillows, and even dog toys. To make sure that the kennel accepts these items, dog owners need to make sure to communicate with the kennel so that they can be sure that their dog will be happy and comfortable while they are gone.

Keep Them Entertained

Dog kennels generally offer outdoor runs or play areas where they can burn off extra energy and run around with humans or other dogs. Dog owners who want to educate their dog and enjoy a better trained animal when they return will want to talk to the kennels about whether or not they provide obedience training courses. These courses can be performed while the owner is away, allowing the dog to not only be better trained in their absence, but to also get the necessary training that they need to be better behaved.

Choosing a dog kennel for a dog can be stressful, but dog owners can do a few things to ensure that their dog is happy and cared for in their absence. By making sure that your dog is happy and comfortable, you can reduce the stress that your dog feels and ensure that boarding is a positive experience.



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