For many of us, pets are like family. We form very close bonds with our pets, and when the family dynamics change, it’s important to consider their wellbeing, as well as our own. Expanding the family is a hugely exciting prospect, but pregnancy can also be a tense and worrying time, especially for first-time parents. If you’re looking forward to welcoming a new addition, it’s perfectly natural to have questions about having pets while there’s a baby on the way.

Is it safe to have pets when you’re pregnant?

If you’re pregnant, and you’re counting down the days until your due date, it is a good idea to be aware of how your pregnancy could affect your pets and how your pets could impact your pregnancy. It is generally safe to have pets around when you’re expecting, but it’s wise to be cautious.


Dogs are wonderful, loyal companions, but they crave love and attention, and they are very intuitive. While many dogs will be very loving and perhaps even more protective of you than usual when you’re pregnant, there is a risk of unpredictable behavior. It’s a good idea to try and prepare your pet pooch for the new arrival as best you can. If your dog is very energetic, and they like to jump up at you, for example, look into training classes and encourage them to keep their paws firmly on the ground to protect your blossoming bump and your baby once they come home. As your due date approaches, it’s worth adjusting the routine slightly to get your dog used to a different regime that will come into play once your newborn arrives. If you’ve got your nursery set up, keep the door closed, and make sure it’s a dog-free zone. Pay your dog plenty of attention, keep their tummies full and happy with nutritious, delicious meals from, and arrange for a friend, family member or a dog walker to take over walking duties in the final weeks of your pregnancy.


Cats are generally much less needy and sociable than dogs, and this can mean that they cope better with the proposition of a new addition to the household. While having a pet shouldn’t pose too many risks to your health when you’re expecting a baby, it is best to avoid clearing litter trays if you can. This is because there is a very small risk of toxoplasmosis linked to cat feces. Cats can be aloof, and they usually offer affection on their terms, but snuggly blankets and a crib made up for a newborn can prove very tempting. If you do have cats, keep an eye out for intruders in your nursery, and encourage your kitties to find another resting place to doze.

Other pets

If you have slightly more exotic creatures living in your home, there may be risks to consider, and it’s wise to consult a vet or a doctor. If you keep rodents, or you have reptiles, for example, it’s best to check that it’s safe to have them at home when you’re expecting.

If you’re looking forward to welcoming a new family member, it’s always a good idea to check that it’s safe to keep your pets at home and to try and make the transition as smooth as possible for your furry friends. In most cases, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about, but it is wise to be cautious and careful.

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