There could be several reasons you are looking for a new church but whatever the reasons are you want to find a church that’s right for you. When you feel comfortable with your church you will attend more services and become more involved in the church and church activities. Having a good solid foundation for your faith helps you get through the days and also helps you know your purpose. Everyone needs a purpose in life in order to feel fulfilled and the right church body will help guide you when you are feeling lost or down. The right church has so many benefits that you will be excited to go and get to hear the sermon every Sunday. How do I search for a new church? What churches are near me? How do I know if the church is right for me? What should I look for in a new church? These are all great questions to ask yourself when you are looking for a new church and today we are going to dive into answering these questions.

How do I search for a new church?

The internet has made searching for things so much easier. Now, with the click of a button you can just about anything you need or want at your fingertips. Most churches will have websites on the internet that will tell you where they are located, what time services are and the name or names of the Pastors. You should also be able to find pictures of the church and maybe even people in the congregation on the website as well. You can always google the term “what churches are near me” and you will be given plenty of results to choose from. Word of mouth is another great way to find a good church. Ask your co-workers and family members where they attend church and visit those churches to see if you like them.

How do I know if the church is right for me?

This can be a tricky one because there is no definite answer. Some of the things that you will want to look for in a church are friendliness and kindness. Do you feel comfortable when you walk in the door? Do you feel welcome and accepted? These are good questions to ask yourself to see if the church is a good fit for you and your family. Look at congregations as well. If most of the people who attend that church are senior citizens and you are in your thirties then you might want to keep looking for another church with people closer to your age.

What should I look for in a church?

Make sure that they are teaching what the Bible says and not what they think should be taught. For example, if you feel as though they are not teaching what the Bible says or what you know to be right or wrong then you might want to keep searching for a new church. Sometimes there will be extremists that will take things of the Bible to a different level that was never intended by God. They will do this because they have bad or wrong intentions and you don’t want anything to do with that.

Only you will know if you have found the right church and then if you ask the Holy Spirit he will help you in your search for a new church home. When you do finally find the right church there will be no mistaking it and you will know for certain without a doubt that you have found the right one.

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