There had been many issues in the digital delivery in the charity department like lack of data limits because charities have not been investing in structures, training or processes to make the most of it. Charity in Ohio is aware that they need to invest digitally. And in this way they are not aware of their digital activities as well because there aren’t any proper measures used.

Here are more areas where investment in digital sector is needed:

  • Invest in necessary tools and support
  • Google analytics: tracks user behavior, traffic generation, goals or conversions, viral content etc.
  • Google Ad Grant account: to make the most of the observations collected from Google Analytics to target search terms that are most likely to be searched by the users.
  • Facebook Business Manager: to run ads that resonates the most with the supporters.
  • Email service provider: for testing, segmentation, automation, and customization.

  • Invest in collaboration

Marketing and fundraising teams need to realize that they need to work cross functionally. When they don’t, the message they send out sounds mixed and contradictory. The supporter journey is misaligned and the requests aren’t delivered in a strategic way.

They need to invest in:

  • Have at least one cross departmental meeting on a monthly basis for checking the monthly achievements, upcoming goals, tracking the existing performance to expected.
  • Making sure that all projects and campaigns have a working group that has all members from various teams.
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities so that everyone is kept apprised on what to work on.
  • Invest in your staff 
  • Invest in team skill development: Don’t provide them the budget, but assist them to create a CPD and seek opportunities to learn new skills so as to apply them to their daily work.

  • Talk openly on training gap: having a positive attitude towards learning and development helps in encouraging your staff to acknowledge as well as plug the resource gaps as well.
  • Invest in upgrading the opportunities. Beyond sending the staff to conferences and workshops, you also need to conduct mentorship programs, buddy programs or create a communication culture
  • Build a clear structure for creativity and innovation. The process for transforming the idea from germination to final delivery must be definite and achievable and always conduct innovation sessions in your team and company.

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